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We specialize in tailored Home Automation solutions, meeting diverse client needs with our comprehensive range of products and delivering complete automation systems..


Gate Automation

Open main Gate “Automatically” without getting down from your car and with no need of security personnel.

Open the Gate using following methods:
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile application
  • Push button provided inside your home
gate automotion

Video Door Phone

Secure your Family and Home – Know who is at your door (Video and Voice) from anywhere in the world.

Video door phone using following methods:
  • Get video call – on internal screen and mobile application while at Home or Travelling
  • Alerts – Armed with Presence sensors to detect and alert you about Human presence in front of your Main door
  • History – Know who visited your home with their images and timing details
  • Live Surveillance – Login from your Mobile phone and view your front area Anytime and Anywhere.
  • Make your Presence felt – View and talk with anybody standing outside your main door through your mobile Home
  • Easy management and configuration of the equipment

Smart Locks

Move around Keyless –  Go to your office, vacations, parties stress free without worrying about carrying keys and also ensuring your Homes security

Open Your Smart Lock in this many ways:

Biometric – Finger and Face recognition to UNLOCK for your Family members, friends, guests, and maids only.

Smart Cards – Smart card to UNLOCK for senior citizens.

Individual PIN – Smart keypad with individual secret PINs to UNLOCK the doors.

Mobile application – Mobile APP to UNLOCK locally and Remotely.

Manual Key –  Manual Key to UNLOCK during emergencies.

Smart Feather Touch Switch Boards

Achieve complete Automation of your Home –  Lights, Fans, Curtains, Geysers, appliances etc, from Anywhere and Anytime through Mobile Application and Voice (Alexa, Google Homes)

Benefits Of Smart Switch Boards
  • Convenience 
  • Automate your Home 
  • Increase Security
  • Control from Anywhere

Smart Curtain Automation

Automate your window curtains (Open/Close) using multiple ways:

  • Curtains can be controlled (open/close) from Mobile Application
  • Voice control (Alexa/Google home)
  • Smart switch boards
  • Schedules for opening and closing on daily basis
  • Remote control


Motion Sensors: Adds to Safety and Savings to your routine life
  • Light control basis motion sensing
  • Additionally, Light control can be controlled basis of Luminous
  • Time setting available for ON/OFF of the lights
  • Motion sensor acts independently and works with any light bulb deployed
  • Motion sensors are available in multiple technologies depending on the use case
Gas Leakage detector: Adds to safety of your kitchen (Arms you with timely alarms for proactive actions)
  • Detects Gas leakage and sets of Hooter alarm in your kitchen
  • The Gas leakage alarm is triggered on your mobile application
  • The alarm also mentions percentage leakage to let you know the criticality
  • The alarm is triggered on real time basis and gets disabled on real time basis

Mood Lighting (Human Centric)

Humans are affected by lighting not only visually but also biologically. Light enhances your cognitive skills and sense of wellbeing.

Home Theatres and Sound solutions

A complete Home entertainment system for watching movies and listening music at your own Living place.

Experience superior quality movies at your home with all effects a movie theatre offers, with our Home Theatre system.

Energy Saving Solutions

Reduce your energy bills and save upto 80% with our energy saving Lighting solutions

Energy saving for your common areas, parking, staircase, corridors, etc.

Motion-based dimming controlled lights with a wide variety of Tube lights,  Street Lights, Surface Lights, etc